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Men’s Sexual Health

We aim to improve a man’s sexual well-being so they can fully participate in and enjoy a full range of sexual activity. Our treatments increase libido and penile function. We offer a range of progressive treatments.

Penile PRP Therapy for Men (Shock Wave Therapy)

A revolutionary and pain-free procedure that uses Low-Intensity Shock Waves to help men improve erectile function. We see improvement in men of all ages who are just beginning to have issues, men who take pills like Viagra/Cialis, and with men who rely on injection therapy.

Peyronie’s Disease
California Sexual Health has developed a new technique for treating Peyronie’s Disease with a combination of Penile PRP Therapy for Men, Traction Therapy and transdermal medications. Men with PD can avoid surgery and Xiaflex injections at a fraction of the cost of these two options. CSH Peyronie’s Protocol results in a straighter and longer penis and no downtime from sexual activity! CSH is in the process of a clinical study to demonstrate to the Sexual Medicine community our amazing results, and we teach other physicians around the country our advanced techniques.

Penile PRP Therapy for Men or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

The Penile PRP Therapy for Men is effectively used to treat erectile dysfunction and poor erectile health in men. The shot contains “Platelet Rich Plasma” that in combination with Penile PRP Therapy for Men improves erectile firmness, sensation and quality.

Hormone Replacement

It’s natural for men’s testosterone levels to decrease with age or other environmental factors. However, this decline may affect the male libido and overall sexual performance. That is why we also offer our patients multiple options for testosterone replacement therapy that works to improve overall sexual health.

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California Sexual Health

The CA Sexual Health Network brings together only the most credentialed and seasoned experts in Sexual Optimization Therapies for men. All physicians are board certified and CA state licensed. Only the best state of the art facilities are chosen with the most advanced and effective treatment options available on the market today today.

We are not contracted with any insurance companies and our services are not billable to any insurance carrier.